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lirik lagu sunday kind of love – chris farlowe


(group:) i’m through with my old love,
i loved her through and through.
i’m searching for a new love–
can that new love be you?
(lead:) i want a sunday kind of love,
a love to last past sat-rday night;
i want to know it’s more than love at first sight,
i want a sunday kind of love.
i want a love that’s on the square–
can’t seem to find somebody to care.
i’m on a lonely road that leads me nowhere,
i want a sunday kind of love
i do my sunday dreaming
and all my sunday scheming
every minute, every hour, every day;
i’m hoping to discover
a certain kind of lover–
(b-ss:) who will show me the way?
(lead:) my heart needs someone to enfold,
to keep me warm when mondays are cold,
a love for all my life, to have and to hold–
i want a sunday kind of love.
i want a sunday– kind of–