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lirik lagu superimposed guttural vociferations of ulceric anal turgor – cenotaph


lateral knife cut sufficies my ingenual egotism about goreopsy

punched with a nail head hammer which shrinks the head then glanced at the intestinal infections,
they must be the only cause of smelly green colored repulsions all around veiny cl-toris between his teeth voids.
tongue plays with mucous v-g-n-liquid, salty taste, uriny smell.
he is ascetic mesmerised metus atrox was the emotion she left.
now i think gored wh-r-s body will be an abnormal bizarre recipe.
incinerated entrails are still full of remains, their view will be the theme of my trails.
now he is able to eternalise her genital remains.
she is aforementionally puked and swallowed without cooked.