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lirik lagu superman high (freestyle) – donnis

“superman high (freestyle)”

i’m so drunk off the lifestyle, high off this little fame
money changed everything, i will never be the same, i’m trying to maintain
but i’m moving so fast that i’m swerving into your lane
all g-ssed up my n-gg-, yeah it’s propane
’cause my idols say i’m dope n-gg-, cocaine
i keep a bad asian b-tch, get lo mien along the egg roll and the t-st-cl-s
they all know they want some fun, young guy
and if they got that mary j, they know i will oblige
haters on the increase as i am on the rise
though it’s hard to hear you n-gg-s when i’m way up in the sky
no g4 nor g5, go to first cl-ss a.k.a skipping cl-ss
just to step out with the academy, scholars
it only makes sense, we the ones with the dollars
keep your b-tch on a collar and please don’t let her loose
she wanna hang, no noose, kkk, it’s so posse for me to say i’m the best
though it looks that way, all i did was pray, knees got swollen
window got closed and the door bust open, ram
now i’m in this b-tch, straight up it’s my time, yeah the clock say six
they can say what they want, throw stones, throw sticks
when you a star, you just pr-ne to this, i’m alone in this
yup and you can see my insecurity, that’s why i got the jewelry
the shine is so new to me, why i need the money? the cars? the clothes?
p-ssy rule the world, i just do it for the hoes
i tell her how it is, the cons, the pros, the hate, the love, the highs, the lows
little n-gg- balling, man i’m muggsy bogues
yeah i’m playing for the ring, it’s funny ’cause my girl playing for the same thing
she tell me that she love me, i don’t know what that mean
especially since now i’m on that hollywood scene
where everything’s illusion but everything i dreamed
this is my movie scene, i promise i’m a kill it, yeah
i promise i’m a kill it until i tell them n-gg-s roll the credits

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