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lirik lagu superstar – keyshia cole

yeah superstar, whoa superstar

[verse 1]
rollin with my window dropped
wind blowing, about 6 o clock
then this feeling came over me, got to find myself a pretty young thing
so i took a left on the next block, saw this shorty so i had to stop
girl was looking as fine as could be yeah
i said do you want to ride with me

[verse 2]
your car is looking real smooth, and you looking kind of cute too
but boy i don’t even know you, where the h-ll you think we going to?
girlfriend had a little spark, so i parked the car and just walked
i don’t mean no disrespect love, i’m just trying to see what you’re made of

superstar, face from a movie screen
superstar, like the cover of a magazine
no matter what you do, you’ll always be my superstar
superstar, i’m your number one fan by far. superstar

[verse 3]
baby boy, listen to me now, it’s time you let me break it down
i just reminisced on how we met, and this is something i would never forget
from the moment your lips said hi, it’s like i pictured your name in lights
i bought tickets to all your shows, and i’m going to be there sitting in the front row


mon cheri don’t you worry about a thing, i know you’re feeling s-xy
i want you to know, you’ll always be my superstar

[repeat 2x]

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