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lirik lagu surrender – royal hunt


[april 2000 – the third expedition]

“open up the window”-said the light-“see into another
is it only a dream?
voices sound familiar in the night…could this be reality?
or is it all in my mind?

why me? could i just be “the one”? or have i come undone?

head in through the door and start to run straight into
another life,
dear old friends beside me
never had a dream that`s so surreal-could this be the end
for me?
am i losing my mind?

still…i just stay.can`t run away-there`s a price to pay

look into the sky thru the naked eye,in a flash of light –
losing everything,soldiers march and sing.distant bells
will ring – surrender
let the children cry-earth will breath a sigh in a blaze of
light – surrender
they`re taking everything.demons dance and sing when the
chimes will ring
the end is here

“open up the window”-said the light-“welcome to another
dear old friends beside me
voices so familiar every night-could this be reality?
am i losing my mind?