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lirik lagu swanson – big drill car

hold it doctor can you please, get me through the days like these
cause i’m lonely and i’m scared and i need to know health
i need to know that someone’s there
god, i need to know if someone does care
every dog will have his day, and i think mine’s on it’s way
and i’m telling it to you because i know that you do know
understand what i say, when complications cloud the way
looking back now i can see those white horses trampled me
all i really need’s a break, with to repair my worst mistake
and i’m closing in on death, and let me tell you man that it’s the best
understand me if you can, come and give me with you well, yeah
when i walk, or when i run, man i feel like jesus’ son
and he’s telling it to me too because he knows that i see
he’ll be p-ssin through that haze, lookin in at all the better days

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