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lirik lagu sweet ’69 – babes in toyland

i live it high cost of licin tell me why give it all
inside you gotta head high one size fits all
head ride you decide
sweet sweet ride 1969

i live it why ya gotta limit, crossed grin now i
gotta bare it head high 9 inside h-ll to ride
you beside
sweet sweet ride 1965

i live it it’s not a gimmick my side anti-red
what i said in your head naked what you hide
will the planes ever collide we allign collide
my sweet sign 1969

i like it hot cold livin have you seen the inside at
my celing’s gotta big wild grin inside miles
wide you belie
sweet sweet ride 1965

i’ve had it now i’ve gotta give it all blind mice
resign you gotta hoodshine -n-lyze
seats alive vinyl thighs
sweet ride 1969

i live it what i to do i give not away
pen said why side when i’m dead i gotta live it
speak free s-xually why

i feel it sky’s not a limit gotta nice flight
suit and tie headlights on inside souled a
price you can’t buy
sweet sweet sixty s-xy i idolize your
sixxy s-xty oh my sixty sixty

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