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lirik lagu sweet zeb action – agent 59

alive and breathing on a sunday afternoon
i start to wonder why i feel this good
so you ask why
well i don’t knoow what to tell you, you make me feel good
and life’s starting to feel alot more like it should

it’s all in the way the things you say, that make me wanna stay
it’s all in the way the things you say love, that makes me wanna stick around

you say what you can’t remember can’t hurt you now
well i’d beg to differ, but i can’t remember how
the last thing i don’t remember was sleeping with you
i never said that i regret what we do
but could you tell me why i
feel i need to live before i die

for the longest time i never knew what i had
never came never went always felt bad
sometimes it’s hard to find a person that’ll listen to you
and wont judge the stupid things i always do
sometimes it’s hard to convince yourself you’re who you want to be
and when you’re living a lie then you’re never free

break from break
somethings change when you, give them a chance
i never understood the ways of the world, guess i’ll never get the chance

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