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lirik lagu sweeter – john p. kee


sweeter(come on and worship)worship thee with my heart
(heah)this relationship will never part(with my
mouth)with my mouth (i will sing)i will sing,
(praises)_praises to (our lord and king)our lord and
king.(yea yeah)chorus:sweeter than anything i know (the
lord is sweeter),sweeter than anything i know (i’m going
to tell it)i’m going to tell where ever i go (the lord is
sweeter)sweeter than anything i know(holy hands)holy
hands we extend (to the matchless king),to the matchless
king, (our lord and friend)our lord and friend (from the
rising of the sun),from the rising of the sun (to the
going down of the same)to the going down of the same,
(your sweet name),your sweet name, i shall always praise
choruslead:he is the sweetest, thing i knowsweetest story
that’s ever been told and i’ll worship him
alwayschoruslead:(here, let me do the verse again)he is
the sweetest thing i knowsweetest, no one compares to our
lordand i worship him always, alwaaayyyssss!chorus(come
everybody do it, i’ve got to tell it the lord is
sweeter)lead w choir mimicking sweeterthe lord is
sweeterjesus is real and he’s so sweet to me.sweeter,
(repeat)sweeter than the sweeter than the sweeter than
the sweetest(repeat)lord is (repeat 3x)he is sweeteri’m
going tell the world abouti’m going to tell everybody
jesus is sweeter than the honeycomb sweeter than the
honey in the honeycom´╗┐