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lirik lagu swing – elephant man


a warm today, i’m stevie christmas

we still a dance al dutty so ‘ma gon’
watch out now we head into spring
so, so, let me se you swing (swi-swi-swing)
dutty for my swing, (swi-swi-swing)

move to the right, left, form a ring, make fi you swing
if you can dweet, follow then, make me fi you swing
move to the right, left, form a ring, make fi you swing
if you can’t dweet, follow then, so ‘ma gone but make me fi you swing

[verse 1:]
bend your knee, dem move yo foot dem in a now
so ma dem a swing a dem a know a dem a swing about
so a dance em a some thing me know everything about (bring your foot dem in a now, move yo foot dem in a now)

well, we are famed to fit, our reach dem swinging
meme a mr. wacky fait it from di beginning
man ou ma nan kids, everybody swinging
bad man, mad man, everybody swinging!

so ma swing it a every blackberry pinning
person we have di have so we dem pinging
now’ve dat swings a fi de new year ringing
i wanna have everybody swinging


[verse 2:]
we would have made di christmas smash up
bad man a some a swing light at a flash up
di gal dem a some a swing champagne a splash up
some a swing pionner make a red hot up

if the evil one catch it on fi go show a eleph
ga red can dweet so i ‘ma fi watch renif
so ‘ma swing move yo foot to work from
and a so ‘ma swing a spring atta what do get about!




[bridge 2x]


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