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lirik lagu t – a lotta niggas – ice

(feat. sean e. sean)

[sean e. sean] yo, what up my n-gg- ice?

[ice-t] yo, what’s up sean e. sean? how you’re living, baby?

[sean e. sean]
yo man, cool it up
you know, it ain’t me man, but a lot of n-gg-z, man
it ain’t me, a lot of n-gg-z is saying, man
you went out, doing the movies, you know
you got the bc, rock & roll band, you know
you supposed to be ice-t – o.g. – hip-hop

yo, yo, check this out man!
a lot of n-gg-z don’t know what a di blow is
is that mean i don’t want one?
a lot of n-gg-z got lot to say about rap
but ain’t never grabbed the mic and rocked one godd-mn show
a lot of n-gg-z still on the street cause they worried about
what a lot of n-gg-z would say if they go out and get a job
i’ve never ran with a lot of n-gg-z
i only ran with the real n-gg-z, you know what i’m saying?
and if you ain’t willing to do sh-t your way
then you have to copy a lot of n-gg-z, and that copy can’t be real
it could only be counterfeit
and a lot of n-gg-z had never figure that sh-t out
yo, i’m out here man, peace!

[sean e. sean]
word! man
f-ck them b-tch -ss n-gg-z!

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