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lirik lagu t – pray – ice

(feat. coco)

[intro: ice-t]
d-mn! yeah, you know
n-gg-s really don’t want drama, just trying to live
go out, just hanging out having a little fun
sh-t always gets wild, always!

[chorus: coco overlapping the intro]
pray to your mother, pray to your father
pray to your sister, pray to your brother

[verse 1: ice-t]
it’s sat-rday night, i’m rolling with my b-tch and my n-gg-z
well known, ghetto grown, rock locking street figures
they start thrilling, i’m rolling in the front with my b-tch for life
you can call her my wife
there’s four in the back, in the blacked out lacs
they’re high of the ‘gnac and they’re dusted too
streets call them killers, but i call them my crew
some n-gg-z wear red, my n-gg-z wear blue
stepped through the door, n-gg-z can’t help or feel us
f-gots tuck their jewels, b-tches trying to see us
let’s to the back, put us up in the booth
got a bucket of chron, egg and mice to the shoot
coco started dancing, everything was fine
til some n-gg- said that table was supposed to be mine (what!)
i was feeling good, ain’t paying him no mind
til a n-gg- got wild, threw a boglar wine

[skit #1:]
[ice-t] yo, what the f-ck is that about?
[n-gg-] n-gg-, what you need now in this motherf-cker?
[ice-t] what’s happening n-gg-? you’re tearing the stuff up?
[n-gg-] yo, what you wanna do then n-gg-?
[ice-t] what’s up n-gg-?
[n-gg-] n-gg-, f-ck you!

[chorus: coco]

[verse 2: ice-t]
no time to pray; this sh-t just missed me and my n-gg-z kicked in
blaze sprung a razor and he opened his skin
these n-gg-z wasn’t having it, gangsters too
motherf-ckers started shooting, lighting up the booth
mark live wore vest and it went right through
they’re f-cking body big rich, what the f-ck i’ma do?
flipped the table up, me and coc’ hit the back door
these n-gg-z wasn’t done, these n-gg-z want more
fell off in the cut like a video game
pull my strap, took my aim, made the door my frame
everybody that stepped out, that body got blame
i knew i was bleeding, i can feel the pain
broke out, had to get back behind the wheel
run into the parking lot, coc’ broke her heel
i started getting dizzy as i clinched my gat
i made it to my whip, i was shot in the back

[skit #2: ice-t]
oh! f-ck, i’m shot, you gotta drive them home
uhh! let me pack this up, motherf-cker!!
come on! drive drive, get at the parking lot, man
come on!

[chorus: coco]

[verse 3: ice-t]
no time to pray; jumped in the car, laid across the back seat
coc’ grabbed the wheel, i was really started to leak
half way out, as the lights got block us back on
some n-gg-z in blue seville with the grill
popped the stash rock on for dolo
ex-extra big, bl–dy holes are fully auto
blast through my own gl-ss, should’ve heard the sound
it was on b-tch, no time to roll sh-t down
hit the corner, see my n-gg-z smitty and nick
they was rolling towards the club when they heard about this sh-t
didn’t have to tell them, they just blocked up the street
cops on the way, still ain’t throwing my heat
don’t even know why the f-ck i’m out here dealing with beasts
just went out for drinks and it comes on my peats
my two boys are dead, i’ve seen them falling on my feet
and i’m shot the f-ck up, bleeding all in my seats

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