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lirik lagu t – rap is fake – ice

(feat. dee)

[dee:] ice, i would like to ask you a few questions!
[ice-t] yeah, yeah, what is it? – what is it? come on
[dee:] is it true, that you and your organization still have under world connections?
[ice-t] haa, absolutely not! – where did you get that information from?
[dee:] is it a fact, that most of your lyrics were true?
[ice-t] noh, it’s all fantasies, you know, you just make the stuff up, rap is fake!

ummm.. well, government officials still say
that you’re connected with major crime figures?

i don’t know what they talk about, it’s a joke!
i make movies, i make records

so you swear to the public and deny any and all criminal ties?
even though, your music states other wise!

absolutely! i mean totally legit
never done anything wrong, you know what i’m saying?
it’s all a fantasy, that it’s making the stuff up
you know, cause i’m a black man, they’re trying to keep me down!
hey, i’m totally innocent, you know what i’m saying?
give me a break for life!

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