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lirik lagu t – syndicate 4 ever – ice

(feat. hot dolla, l.p. & powerlord jel)

[opening skit: ice-t impersonating his player haters]
yo n-gg-, where was you at last night? – talk n-gg-!
yo n-gg-, we was up in that club n-gg-, them syndicate n-gg-z turned that sh-t off
n-gg-, f-ck them b-tch -ss n-gg-z
yeah, them n-gg-z got money, n-gg-
f-ck all them syndicate n-gg-z, them n-gg-z ain’t sh-t
motherf-ckers think they make sh-t cause them motherf-ckers got a little bit of money and sh-t
true, man
f-ck that b-tch–ss yellow-n-gg- ice-t too
i don’t like that n-gg-
n-gg- had no motherf-cking father, f-ck him!
f-ck them n-gg-z, right?
n-gg-z don’t wanna see me, wanna see my motherf-cking.. [screeching tires]
yo, what the f-ck is that?… [gun shots]

[verse 1: l.p.]
now, n-gg- n-gg- n-gg- n-gg- n-gg- n-gg- please
i scratch emcees like dog scratch flees
grease, your compet-tion, never finishing
indo keep me high and i’m always on a mission
when it comes to kick it, awww i get the lowest
bang like george foreman, kick -ss like chuck norris
only f-cking winner with these fools selling gucci
whispering mc h, just like crispy down with cooci
so those who wanna step into the steel like bleaks
come get this lyrical -ss whipping that’s gonna last for weeks
we got grease, hardcore hip-hop gangster beats
n-gg-z that’ll do you’ll leave you dead in the street
recognize through this, this is how we do this
barrel to your motherf-cking back oozes [gun shot]
it’s your lyrical rock syndicate killer, and f-ck all n-gg-z

[chorus: powerlord jel]
now you wanna f-ck with us, cause you recognize game
you recognize real motherf-cker
syndicate forever, posse of the clever – [ice-t]
now you wanna f-ck with us, cause you recognize game
you recognize some real motherf-cker
syndicate forever, posse of the clever – [ice-t]

[verse 2: hot dolla]
the rhyme syndicate will never die, well let me tell you why
cause we’re locs that’s always on a ho-ride
if you hear me, then i know you know that danger
i sn-tch mics from emcees, i move around with anger
behavior of the maniac, that’s all i’ve had in me
bombs’ll get brutal when i lock my mind, it’s empty
simply i’m in this, but gangster found that genus
the one last murderer that never served the sentence
wise up than an asian, that’s holding to his books
i love them ghetto crooks, gave my banging for a hook
now i’m much much longer when my pops was stupid flexed
i wanna get hex and b-tches f-ck with my set
don’t let 95 patty, produce it like a he-rs-
these such f-cking little punks, they think they down cause they curse, man
f-ck you motherf-ckers, you ain’t sh-t, you ain’t crazy
cause rhyme syndicate be doing dirt on the daily

[chorus: powerlord jel]

[verse 3: powerlord jel]
can i be destroyed? like roy with two n-gg-z long enough
now, i’m strong enough, to bust out handcuffs
return of the rough, and rugged, so f-ck it!
rolling in a bucket, tracking down my dockets
it’s a fact that i be busting, fools l-sting
throwing fools away like wind dusting
hand rushing, like head hunters, so i hunt heads
leaving fools dead in a red, hear me what i said
it’s the syndicate, i yelled from the day we call eternity
picture of all busters who ain’t heard of it
i’m burning it with dealers, killers
cars stealers, cap peelers, big wheelers
cool like the chin chilla, living in a villa
so n-gg- p-ss the nillas
and let me take you back to the days of crokersacs and cadillacs
when n-gg-z broke their backs on the street to make ends meet
we roll deep; in a late night hour on the..

[chorus: powerlord jel until faded]

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