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lirik lagu tailz – do or die

(feat. bushwick bill)

[intro: bushwick bill]
haha ha ha hha ha, awww sh-t, is it time?
alright, here’s when we’re all come together
to discuss, to do time, within ourselves
when we’re all wanna do something extraordinary
which is to kill, a thought, a person, or a situation
ha ha ha hha haha
but because two motherf-ckers can’t agree on one issue;
that creates the means, for sh-t to come to an end
so therefore, it’s either you gonna do it my way
or you gonna die f-cking with us
so this is war, my weapons is aimed to reach you
rap-a-lot mafia for life n-gg-
i can feel you

[verse: n.a.r.d]
now, how can i introduce you to this pain?
with the slugs to the brain
beyond this b-tch, to go push-up with some bangs
with an anchor called point blank range
split the world with game
rotate with n-gg-z that will not change
in this world we blame for everything from straps to cocaine
individual, kind of attack
back tracks with stuff like macks with profiles
any threat, so disrespect it to get you shot with four five
rap-a-lot mafia, the incredible sources and forces
of course it’s verbally said, no remorses
physical contact, take your choices
nevertheless, i want this b-tch with a b-m to the chest
two techs in the vest, put it in you
make your body like slugs in a venue
i intro, i outro.. to be continued
to be continued.. i intro, i outro.. to be continued!

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