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lirik lagu take a chance on me – jon young

(yea…) jon young
(i know i can’t change the past)
sky skrapin’
(i want you back)
i want you back shawty

[chorus x2:]
i know i messed up
but take a chance on me
we been through so much
i can’t just up & leave
please don’t let this thing
come between
what we have
i want you back

[verse 1:]
saw u jus the other day
up at west oaks
we used to go there all the time
but not today though

u was with somebody new
and couldn’t say hi
guess he’s one of those type of guys
yea the jealous type

but that’s the kind u like
i was always occupied
with my own life
and now u gone
and i realize

ain’t that the way it goes
same old story
now i know
heard this one b4
but never got it
til u let me go

in my mind
i was right
while u were wrong
and now look at who’s
writin who the love song

well i guess u long gone
moved on
you over me
all i can say is
i wish it ended differently

[chorus x2]

take a chance on me
take a chance on me

[verse 2:]
i know it’s been a while
but i miss u in my bed
thangs just ain’t been the same
can’t u getchu out my head

oh how i miss seein u right beside me
ridin in my cutl-ss
on the way to catch a movie

but yea it’s different now
we strangers when we walk past
funny how we best friends
next minute
no more past

and when i think about
what i did
i can’t stand it
never thoght u’d leave
but i was takin u for granted

[chorus x2]

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