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lirik lagu take me high – pac div

“take me high”

[verse 1: mibbs]
now if she ain’t got no cl-ss
i don’t care
if she ain’t got a fat -ss
i won’t dare
she better have a good brain if she ain’t got no hair
not sayin i want perfect, but almost there
i need girls, faster than them jet skis man
when you see me i be like the dos equis man
if you put it on me, you gon’ do the best you can
and you better know how to ride it like an equestrian
look it up
since you be the baddest
i’ll be the picture, you be the canvas
i’ll be the pips and you be my gladys, i’m like the clipse
with you til the casket…

[verse 2: like]
drop, p-ss the rock
she’s asking me when she gonna have the c-ck
i look at her face
i look at her feet
i look at her heels
i’d rather not
i’m cool, i’d rather smoke this and be high as an astronaut
far from a pimp but i smash a lot
buns like she was from rap-a-lot, i had to pop
ran into her at a traffic stop
ten minutes later her panties drop
what was her name? my bad forgot
she just grabbed my anaconda so i grabbed the panasonic camera
propped and filmed it till the action stop

[hook: mibbs]
i only puff kush
i only f-ck with bad ones
right before i push
make sure i got the magnums
yeah she looks good
and yeah she thinks i’m handsome
got me feeling good, let’s do something random
take me high, take me high, baby
take me high, take me high, baby

(it’s pac div baby)

[verse 3: beyoung]
yup, i said my cell phone ringin’
pants still hangin’
pac div baby, easy like the caveman
dime bag, dub sack
n-gg- what’chu bringin’
birds jump my bones now
that’s so raven
check out what i’m flamin’
only that good, good
lace me when i breeze through
funky like it’s beef stew
white widow train wreck
no, i got a sweet tooth
bring your girl, i need to, ride her like a sea doo
tired, y’all might need to
quiet, then you sleep, cool
tires ’bout to screech boo
earth, wind, and fire
i’ve been flyer than you seen true
don’t got desire to go diving if it’s seafood
ain’t gotta lie you’s a freak too
that’s how i freaked you


[verse 4: mibbs]
last year, she was screaming f-ck that n-gg-
now she’s bent over like a hunch back n-gg-
her best friend told her not to trust that n-gg-
cause her best friend’s busy tryna f-ck that n-gg-
d-mn that’s so scandalous
but that is los angeles
the place where the drama is, as common as cancer is
out of towners asking us
how do you handle it
i just blow out the kush, and crack a smile for the cameras
how can a n-gg- be mad at us
how could you not be a fan of us
how can you come to my shows, lie to the hoes, and say you my manager
d-mn that’s some thirsty sh-t
for real that’s some dirty sh-t
some musty -ss, stinky -ss, nasty -ss herpes sh-t (ugh)

crabby -ss lurking b-tch
face look like erk tha jerk
lying like you 21
look more like you 36
scabby -ss, scurvy [?]
saggin -ss, dirty t-ts
and i’m just being courteous
(heh heh, what are you talking about?)


take me high, take me high, baby
take me high, take me high, baby

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