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lirik lagu tale of carpathian wind – evilfeast

above the crest a whirlwind blows again with fury
the crag monument appears in its dark magnificence
clouds ablaze trying to bridle the sp-ce, a single
being amidst
i’ve gone hunting anew to seize the highland spirit
across the spheres where the streams’ ribbons attempt
to break the resistance
unholy forests ascend vanishing before they reach the
a genuine realm of dusk shall be my realm this night
when i’m breathing the frozen wind that descended
throughout the tatra p-ss
where no weak endures and the immensity is appalling,
i’ll be conquering…
the filth always flows down, in a distant valleys it
hateful for they exhibit what’s pure for trades
as i clamber isolation rises, sacred dearest solitude
is thy end
though the sc-m still pester… nighttime journey
achieves monumental deeds in a stone freezing interior
as the wolves come out hunting towards the sullen
the mild hide before deceptive moonlight
the old sprits revive, the past returns, the purity of
a winter kingdom
that is still left as a primeaval splendour of the
on a mountainside i observe clouds on a nightsky torn
carpathian winder wind. with wolves i’ll share my

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