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lirik lagu tangled minds – joey collins

you tell me to write a happy song
well honey you should know me by now.
there’s a lot of pain deep down in my soul

but you’re the apple of my eye.

and i miss the things we do
i feel so alone when i’m not with you.
so little darling will you hear me now?
as hard as life can get
i’ll roll up and spark a cigarette and i will always belong to you.
i will always belong to you.

the streets are filled with ghosts of where we walked
and i can’t turn a blind eye.
there’s so many familiar faces
but none of them look back at me the way you do.

this life is a riddle to me
it’s all in my mind but that don’t stop me (oh no)
if i could go back and figure it out
i would, i would, i would.

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