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lirik lagu tears of the dead – arch enemy

(m.amott; m.amott)
intro lead – michael
hideous crimes, atrocities
the slaughter of millions – beyond belief
those were dark times, so different from now
the law of evil ruled our fatherland
i was but a p-wn in their game
why should i feel any guilt?
still when i close, close my eyes
the words unfold, it all comes back
i can’t defy it, can’t deny it
i know it ot be true
in my sleep – they come to haunt me
they know it to be true
tears of the dead
we are all on the turning wheel of fate
a young man, standing proud in uniform
i never stopped to hesitate
until it was far to late
lead – christopher
my hands are soiled, covered in blood
stains that never wash away
their hollow eyes…
confronting me – judging me
1st lead – christopher
2nd lead – michael
now an old man, at the end of my days
contemplating – my life of sin
living is never simple – the rosad is hard
i had no say – just a puppet in a sick play

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