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lirik lagu tell me off – maren ord

you don’t have to hear me out
or listen to me shout
i can’t remember when i’ve been so cold
you don’t have to be so mean
just to wash your hands clean
don’t like to do what you’ve been told

well, hallelujah, today’s the day
for taking back the things you say

you can tell me off
you can run your mouth off all you want
you can tell me off
it won’t bring back everything you think you want

you think you’re feeling better now
and when i ask you how
it’s ’cause you think you can’t be wrong
spilling what you want
won’t take you where you need to go
when’s the last time you felt strong?

well, hallelujah, today’s the day
to pay the price for what you say


i have a knack for telling you what’s inside my head
but only ’cause you’re asking for it
try bringing me down
just you try bringing me down
i’m stronger then you think i am

well, hallelujah, today’s the day
you better stop the things you say


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