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lirik lagu tell me the truth – aaron vehling

“tell me the truth”
by aaron vehling, 11-12-2003

take me to your leader
i don’t wanna see
the insides of your
sick f-ckin’ mind

there’s only one thing
that i could ever be
and that’s a soul
way beyond you

you try to bring
me down throw me away
convince me i’m inferior
and worth nothing

i’ll tell you one thing
that you need to know
i’m the most powerful being
you’ll ever loathe

i’ll take you to the floor
and demand of you some more
sympathy to my cause
i’m the tailor of all your laws

and i pray for the day
when i can believe again
‘cause i know that someday
justice will become my friend

there’s another thing
that p-sses me off
it’s the fact that you hate me
and cut me off

because i can think
because i can breathe
because i’m a sailor
in a sea of fair policy

i don’t wanna hear
you b-tch no more
i’m a genius, a citizen
an informed voter

i hold you to account
i want you to inform
the public about
what you have in store

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