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lirik lagu tell me what i have to do – bacon brothers


can’t walk on water, i barely swim at all
but give me a sign and i’ll climb in a barrel and go over
niagara falls
never learned to fly like an angel, that’s one skill i
but if you want me to i’ll jump of the empire state
building with a parachute on my back

tell me what i have to do, what do i have to do, what do
i have to do
to make you love me
how long must i burn with nothing in return?
tell me what i have to baby just to make you mine

can’t hold my breath for over nine minutes in a big fish
’cause i’d turn blue, but there’s nothing new, girl; i’ve
been blue before
see, i’ve been blue
too tired to train with jack lalaine or be a chip ‘n dale
but i can roll my abs and shake my booty if i thought i’d
get a positive answer


i want to be part of your design
what i’d give for just a little sign