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lirik lagu testify – nas

[nas talking]
i want to dedicate this song right here
to jonathan jackson and george jackson
peace to those brothers

i want to shout out my man sherm the worm
eighty years
come home n-gg-
come home, n-gg-rs


[verse 1]
i just burnt my american flag
and sent three cracker n-z-s to h-ll and i’m sad
ugh, i’m loading tips in my mag
to send these redneck biggots to some death in a bag
choke him out with his confederate flag
i know these devils are mad
little rap fans who live way out in safe suburbia
would you stand with me, a united states murdurer?

[sings] (testifyyyyy for me)
huh? would you testify?
you buy my songs
you buy my songs
but will you ride with me?
[sings] (testifyyyyy for me)
you understand my struggle
that’s what you claim right?
[sings] (testifyyyyy for me)
then get your aim right
and get your game tight

[verse 2]
don’t buy my songs, y’all don’t roll with it
coming to concerts singing hoe’ing sh-t
f-ck y’all lil’ lil’ hoe b-tches
i don’t need y’all, i’ll go gold with it
i heard y’all was downloading it (heh)
like i’m y’all man who be exposing sh-t (heh)
like uhh, william cooper
who told you the (pale horse) is the future

[sings] (testifyyyyy for me)
would you testify on some realness like that?
i think you scared (heh)
i don’t think you prepared
[sings] (testifyyyyy for me)
you know what i’m asking you?
[sings] (testifyyyyy for me)
do you know what i’m asking you? [laughs]
[sings] (testifyyyyy for me)
[sings] (testifyyyyy for me)
[sings] (testifyyyyy for me)

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