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lirik lagu texas is my team – texas longhorns


verse 1:
they come from miles around just to hear the sounds

of the orange and white who’ll be celebrating tonight

bring your hopes and dreams; we’re making memories

so come on, austin, cheer for our team

this is my town, this is my team 

and all you’ll see

is orange and white in the streets (they’ll be dancing in the streets)

hook ‘em h-rns we won’t be beat, ‘cause n-body’s better

than my town, than my team; texas is my team

verse 2:
feel it from the start, ya know the h-rns got heart

we’re the orange and white; we bring the texas fight, yeah

i know we’ll win today and go all the way

so c’mon, austin, cheer for our team

chorus (x4)