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lirik lagu thank you for healing me – matt redman

the disease of my soul was spreading,
eating me up on the inside,
keeping my heart from your new life.
and i see now where i was headed
for there is no cure that can save us,
outside of your mercy lord jesus.

yes, you stepped in with your power to save,
let forgiveness reign,
worked a miracle within.

thank you for healing me;
i was dying beneath my shame
but you brought me to life again, and i will sing:
thank you for freeing me
i was dead to the truth of you,
but my healing was in your wounds, and now i sing:
thank you for healing me.

though outwardly i may waste away,
on the inside i’ll be more alive every day.
as i walk through times of pain and grief
there´sa deeper truth inside of me…
you have placed your life inside of me.

i’m alive, i’m alive.
i’m alive, i’m alive in you.
thank you for healing me.

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