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lirik lagu thanks for a good time – 100th & may


im sorry for the day
that i saw your face
i tried to help myself, but i couldnt look away
im sorry for the words
that i said to you
i couldnt help but tell you every word was true
i guess i got caught up
in what i thought could be
the greatest part of life, the greatest part of me
i wonder if you knew
what i was thinkin when
you said to me that night thanks for a good time
i guess i was just fooling myself
cause how could i ever be with you
i guess my heart will rest here in last place
its something ive come used to
she cant help but feel
the lies that shes been told
h-ll just run away, and youll grow only cold
i swear to you that i
will never leave your side
ill always stand up tall