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lirik lagu that one hopeful song – exxplorer

i know how you feel child
i share your disease
and i know what it means
to be alive in times like these
you feel like dyin’

are you: ugly and scared?
turned away from the light?
at the end of your rope?
with no savior in sight?

but sometimes, out there,
is a voice with wings that sings
and knows your name
and this is what she says:
“everything’s gonna be alright”

i’ve been where you’re going’ to
through what you’re goin’ through
and i am dyin’ to
help you get through it alive

everything’s gonna be alright
gonna be alright,
gonna be alright,
…everything’ gonna be alright

open your eyes,
yes you’ve cried off to sleep
your tears all have dried,
and they’ve washed the slate clean
the pain that you feel
will just make you strong
and your wounds will all heal,
it won’t take too long

alright, alright…
everything’s gonna
be alright, yeah.

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