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lirik lagu that’s life – bif naked

i like babytalking, popcorn without b-tter,
and anybody who will pay attention
to these requirements.

i’m an optimistic beauty. never impolite.
easy like sat-rday, mid-day.
breezy, chilled-out, dumb girl.

thats life with me. i know.
around and around you will go.
but, if i french kiss you
in the broad daylight,
you’ll fall in love..oh,oh,oh.
that’s life with me. i know.

well i am pretending to be a free-bouncing lover.
i wear my defensive mask of optimism like a badge.
and ultimately. i am much to lazy to change.
i’m rather conditioned to my life of melodrama.


that’s life with me. thats how it will be, my friend.
a roller coaster ride you won’t forget.
i am just a mess. i am just a mess, at best.
i am just a blue-ribbon prize winner till the end.


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