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lirik lagu that’s right – three 6 mafia

(feat. akon)

street anthem! (yessir)
three 6 ma-fi-uhhh!
new three 6 mafia, akon
goin down, yessir
[cell door slams] {konvict}
hypnotize minds! (yessir)
this what thugs are made of man! (yessir)
this where we come from
this the artery of the streets man
the heart of it!

[chorus: akon]
despite what you heard, or what you saw
when you look at me man you see hardcore
a real street hood n-gg-, wish a n-gg- would n-gg-
i can give a d-mn what you think about it all
if you think i’m crazy!! that’s right
if you think i’m lazy (you’re d-mn right)
cause it don’t really matter what you think about me
n-gg-, f-ck you pay me~! that’s right

[verse one]
9-9-6, got my hands on my first mill’
now it’s oh-seven, d-mn near at a quarter bill’
enemies close, but my 45’s closer
you can be the starter, but i’ma be the closer
d-mnin what these haters sayin, d-mnin what these haters thoughts
i reside in mansions they don’t, it ain’t my fault
half of the sh-t i do i do it just to make these suckers mad
and the rides they claimin to get, i already had
ten dollar tees, but the jeans 1500
your lifetime dreams i done already done it
plus i done it wit’cha wife, she said i made her night
but i didn’t hit her back cause her mouth wasn’t right


[verse two]
yessir e’rybody in my clique we dra-aa-aank
e’rybody in my clique got ba-aa-aank
e’rybody in my clique we ba-aa-all
gold teeth n-gg- comin straight from nor-naw-aw-ath
e’ryday we hustlin just like rick ro-aw-oss
e’ryday we strugglin and e’ryday we sto-aww-omp
these n-gg-z cain’t f-ck with my hood, we de-ee-eep
the last thing you see is the bottom of my fe-ee-eet
and i don’t give a d-mn my nig, i’m a fool, i’m a fool
get the f-ck from ’round here, shoulda knew, shoulda knew
head crackin ya dig, what it do, what it do
and underneath the seat is the heat, i’ma shoot, i’ma shoot


[akon – repeat 4x to fade]
f-ck you pay me! f-ck you pay me!
f-ck you pay me! that’s right

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