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lirik lagu that was then this is now – these green eyes


so just in case my heart’s not beating
it’s ’cause i’ve forgotten how to feel
remember that a promise is a promise
is a waste of time

so give me one good reason
why this time’s so different
what are you hiding from me?
tell me what it is that changed.
what i want you to be
i choose not to believe
until i see it with my
own two open eyes

you are the reason
i keep forgetting to let go
of all the things that you chose
not to remember

don’t tell me this was then

so just in case my lips are moving
and telling you what you want to hear
remember that a promise is a promise
is a waste of time

i’ve run out of excuses
and is there a point to this?
i can’t keep explaining away
all these things i’ve done

but what i want you to be
is a part of my future
i’m telling you this is the best i’ll ever get

you are the reason
that i refuse to let this go
you are the only thing i
want to remember

so what you’re telling me
is all the things you’ve whispered in my dreams
can all come true
but tell me why don’t i believe it?
because i’ve known you for too long
to know that sorry isn’t good enough for me
to let you get away with this one
and i thought this was it

i thought this was it.

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