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lirik lagu thats life pt 1 – stat quo


that body on here man
you know me i take it with the speed
whatever you need motherf-ckers man

they got no respect for you in life
the shut gonna …then you fly up …better go in jail
i can’t help but the kill n-gg-s
bunch a p-ssy as rapper they ain’t real n-gg-
i try to find balance …
that’s way the fans ask but all my question be the greates
i’ll be like half of you …
surreder buy the traitors ]
someby gotta cate up somebody gotta wave ’em
that’s just life how gotta all fight
long as i keep them my health it’s alright
a n-gg- feeling good by the life
so i return like hot dice in the …
almost lost my mind to this rap think
put the flame to the cush
smoke to the brain
since my dad die the n-gg- ain’t bethe same
he still alove but f-ck it
you all hear me man
you still alive but f-ck it
you all hear me man
now fly with this b-tch on the plane
told me your favorite rapper was roger
i’m like that’s whatssup or we gonna f-ck
but that we gonna f-ck
kind the found out she f-ck all the n-gg-
i use to love it like all my falshing sleeping
at the end of the day you can’t touch this b-tches
a lot of people asking this questions
you’ll be like if you know about ….
little fly was here …
if i use the …well i forget about them
so i ask …if i don’t
which all forget about me
i can’t help but the kill n-gg-s
bunch a p-ssy rap they ain’t real n-gg-
be for real need to my…so i promise my son
i never b-tch, i never quit and never run
i can’t get along with this …
unfortunaly cuz he’s young
but that’s another story at the mall spinning …
back full of..back full of …
money came by love you just hate when they are gone
i feel guilty like …
but how gonna by that …fresh in the mall
buy another gl-ss let me think …
driving in my …the …won’t let me sink
my n-gg- run into the …
and rob me …i told my n-gg- to slow down
but the fast life it’s all my n-gg- know now
sometimes just world feel forty five alone now
that’s life