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lirik lagu that’s what girls are made for – the spinners

that’s what girls are ma-a-ade fo-o-or
too hug and too kiss
too love and too miss
you gotta hug ’em then you kiss ’em
you gotta love ’em then you miss them wo oh oh oh oh
that’s what girls are made for
too hold and to squeeze are made for
too scold and to please are made for
i said you gotta holdem
then you squeezeem
if you scold ’em you gotta please them
and i know i know i know
that’s what girls are made for

wo ooh wo ooh yeah
some can be true
yes and then again, they’ll make you doubt ’em
wo ooh oh but ask me ask me and i’m a here to tell you
that you just can’t live without ’em

to walk and hold hands with are made for

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