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lirik lagu the answer to the last letter’ – ray price


i just received your last letter and i feel so blue
i’m paying dearly for promises broken so free
i never dreamed that there’d be such a longing for you
but i’m been no angel so i’ve got what’s coming to me
i am so weary and tired of another’s caress
though i would love to be with you i know it’s too late
but i still love you and that is one thing i’ll confess
i know i deserve to be punished whatever my fate
[ fiddle ]
i’d give all these diamonds if i could be happy again
and have you hold me and tell me that we’d never part
diamonds can never replace a true sweetheart or friend
all of this glamor can’t banish the ache in my heart
all i have left is a dream of the days that are gone
all i have left is a mem’ry that never will fade
if you must leave me to suffer life’s heartaches alone
i ask your forgiveness for all the mistakes i have made

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