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lirik lagu the anvil song – animaniacs


yakko: an anvil’s black and shiny
dot: it’s very heavy too
wakko: so watch out, my chubby friend
yw+d: or one will fall on you!
baloney: (spoken) on me? heh hah huh huh!

dot: (spoken) that wasn’t pretty.
yakko: but it had to be done.
baloney: heh huh huh huh huh! great song! heh huh huh huh!
neato completo yippie!
wakko: it’s unstoppable!
yakko: call in the national guard!
dot: or tonya harding’s bodyguard!
baloney: let’s sing it again! i lovey-dovey loved it!
yw+d: ok!

yakko: it’s made of solid iron
dot: it weighs a ton or two
wakko: we know you’d like to meet it
yw+d: it wants to meet you too!
baloney: huh hu–

baloney: (spoken) yay! let’s do it again!
yakko: now it’s gettin’ scary.