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lirik lagu the battle for the great silver sword (a suite in vii parts) – domine


[i) the dawn of steel]
[ii) the pipes of war]
this is the story for centuries untold
on a misty morning at the break of dawn
out of the night as shadows of doom
black armours shine in the cold morning light
they come from the mountains, they come from the seas
they come with a purpose, a power to wield
they’re ready to die on the battlefield
they’re ready to die for the sword the gods forged long ago
a sword is laying on an altar of gold
inside a circle of magical stones
thousands of warriors behold the emperor
as he steps inside the circle offering a sacrifice
they come to kill, they come to fight
armies are raised one against the other
brave men are lead to death like lambs to the slaughter
all of this just for one man’s greed and pride
[iii) the sacrifice chant]
[pre chorus]
oh mighty gods of chaos!
let the power descend from the sky
give me the ultimate weapon
i claim what is mine by right
i offer the blood of the nations
souls as a sacrifice
we come from afar
from our city of light for
the battle for the great silver sword
the battle for the great silver sword
the battle for the great silver sword
the battle for the great silver sword
[iv) war (the tyrant’s prayer)]
we come here from far away
from the mountains and from the seas
i come to fulfil my fate
leading men to their demise
brother against brother
until no one is left alive
many souls will sleep in h-ll tonight
now it’s time for war!
[v) sword fight]
[guitar solo]

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