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lirik lagu the beautiful brand new – after the tragedy

after the tragedy – the beautiful brand new

try to compensate for lack of adequacy
recollecting that i’ve had enough
competence is lacking
coping mechanisms fail
when skepticism tears me up
burning this life behaves
like an open wound
scar tissue escalates:
the beautiful brand new

desperation screams from leaving me completely
i’ve dismembered pity left for you
testify a turning; disconcerted yearning
father make me something you can use

i’m the broken chain on a bike with no destination
in a town with no sidewalks theses street signs are
not kind.
the crosswalks are faded in time. i will not claim to
reached perfection, but will continue working to the
when i will be all that jesus christ saved me for
and wants me to be. this is what i will be. this is
i will be. forever.

now from this stage we’ll begin to burn brighter
you’ve lit the fuse
we’ll watch your eyes for reflections of fire
now we’ll thank-you

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