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lirik lagu the beginning of my end – the unifics

up drove the he-rs-, caddillac
a crowd of people gathered round it all dressed in black
and as they removed her body from the car
such pain i never knew, did fill my hear

i lost the only one i’ve ever loved
the lord has returned up above
life will never be the same again
it was the beginning of my end

it happened on a sat-rday night
my love and i had just had a silly fight
she got into her car and angrily drove away
neither of us knew then, that she would never see another day

what have i done lord to deserve this misery
all my life and all my world have come falling down on me end

i was a home watching my tv
when the noise of the phone rudely disturbed me
i wasn’t too sure at first, just what the doctor meant
when he informed me that there had been an accident

why, oh why, i heard her mother cry
as i rushe to the scene with the tears in my eyes
somebody asked, somebody asked who was the next of kin
and oohhhh lord, it was the beginning of my end

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