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lirik lagu the believer – rhett miller

activity killed you
when are you gonna find half of things that you knew in your body were wrong
i wanted to be friends with you
now i have come to find it was mistaken
in p-ssion n-body was wrong

and i believed you

they sat down in london
had to be hard to be hard to keep hating yourself when these people are so well behaved
you did time in duncanville
part of you is living there still in a hole where the souls of the lost geared to save

and i believed you

when you said happiness
is all you wanted
you said this
is all you wanted
how i miss
we almost made it

all of your good friends
all of the people like me keep a list of the things in this world that we trust
you are here in after referred to as someone who gave it a shot, gave it off, left the cruel world to us

and i believed you


you won’t get nervous
you won’t come down
you won’t feel helpless
you won’t be around anymore [x7]

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