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lirik lagu the bidness – snoop dogg

ay wh-ssup my nig?
sh-t, just chillin, what’s happenin?
sh-t nuttin, whatchu up to?
sh-t, not too much – ay you ain’t seen that n-gg- snoop?
man h-ll naw, i been callin that n-gg- since starsky & hutch
i ain’t fin’ to call that n-gg- no more man
tchk, oh like that?
man f’real man, i ain’t buyin that new alb-m either
i’ma download that motherf-cker for free
let that n-gg- know when i see him man
sh-t, there he go right there

[snoop dogg]
i don’t say much
i don’t say alize, no i don’t say dutch
keep yo’ hands off until i say, okay touch
i never come off tacky, i’m a boss exactly
i’m like the slick suit snooperfly versace
conversation flashy, y’all n-gg-z can’t match me
i talk to you slow, so your game can roll
take advice from a player, don’t love her just play her
boy i never could dare, to pay double the fare
man i swear to god it’s gon’ be some trouble in here
before i pay that b-tch, i’m like a bossy hog
half dog, half gorilla, b-tch donkey kong
n-gg-z thirst for hoes, i got a thirst to ball
tryin to knock a pimp’s hustle, be the first to fall
f-ckin with a-hundred-fifty, whole can of vodka
mixed with g-ngb-ng, got a program like poppa (hey hold up man)
i’ma do you a favor, let this pimpin save ya
leave that b-tch alone, the homies call her ms. behavior
boy you move too fast, done too much talkin
i’m too much walkin to one who keep hoes hawkin
don’t f-ck with snoop too much cause he goes off when
n-gg-z mouth too much, so please no flossin
i step up quicker, cause the game don’t pause
i gotta stay sucka free, cause it ain’t no laws
dig this y’all

[chorus: snoop dogg]
that’s the bidness mayne, step my game up up in this mayne
long hours hard minutes mayne, with this hustle on splendid mayne
pa perfect attendance mayne

[snoop dogg]
cause i’m a boss..
yeah, real bossy like, and sometimes flossy
and if you f-ckin with that
{“ii know, i, ii-know, i know you gonna dig this”}

i had to tell you the truth homey, but you got mad
yeah i hurt yo’ feelings, f-ck it, it’s too d-mn bad
i’m a major player, i got major game
i might floss a different b-tch, but the pimpin the same
i ain’t got time for no haters, i lay ’em flat on they back
i’m from the dogg pound homey, i don’t f-ck with them cats
i f-ck with, n-gg-z, who be bustin them shots
i’m talkin long beach, inglewood, compton, watts
close your chops, i knows your spots
keep talkin n-gg- i’ll expose your knots
you ain’t ready for daddy, boy i do this for fun
it’s like you versus kobe ballin one on one
you ain’t got no chance, you ain’t got no fans
i kick the sh-t out you punk, look momma no hands
i’m not a, holy roller but i pray so hard
help me, i’m sendin these b-tch n-gg-z straight to god
sh-t i’m too d-mn grown, conversation is sho’t
while your talk is funny, jack i talk with money
keep the chain on bling, the rock is sunny
for you smart mouthted b-tches i ain’t that dummy
{“h-ll no,” he replied}


{“god d-mn!”} {“let me tell you somethin”}


[snoop dogg]
that’s the bidness, that’s the bidness
aww, that’s the bidness, can i get a witness?
aww, yeah, that’s the bidness, aww yeah, say what, yeah
that’s the bidness, but can i get a witness?

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