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lirik lagu the blood is love – queens of the stone age

i saw you, in a way
beyond figure out
these lines of life have been drawn & can’t be removed
our eyes is all it took to know

open up your eyes
deep blue, gl-ssy lake
& swim ’til water & sky
now are one, out of two
oh, my bloodshot eyes

open up your mouth
touch your lips to mine
that we may make a kiss that can pierce through death & survive
your words have branded my mind

still i hold your hand
wrapped as if a ring
we of flesh & blood are only carrying
it’s so hard to

well, you know

the seed waits for the reaper to sew
every breath an art
the dignity to learn it can strain & break your heart
take all your pieces home
you ask when you’re alone, “what is love”
the blood is love

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