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lirik lagu the bottle’s lookin’ better – against all authority

going down with the rest of the rats on this stinking ship
gonna drown in this dirty sea that smells like sh-t
another night coated with blood, sweat and spit
wake up again with a face full of floor
in another town that i’ve left before
at another time with all the memories that i could h–rd
you can try to hold us down but we won’t submit
a mouthful of slogans might as well be sh-t
it all tastes the same to a bunch of hypocrites
we roam the land, living in a van
hosing down wherever we can
and i trace it all back to six days in amsterdam
i’m tired but i’m persistent i took the path that was most resistant
i’ve covered so much distance, i never asked for any -ssistance
rock bottom ain’t that bad, the bottle’s looking better every night
to this lad, i can’t measure my wealth by the things i have
but i’ll sleep tight tonight
sweating blood to make it work
i woke up alone again in a park somewhere in koln
i can still taste the blood i’ve left on every microphone
from cutler ridge to the berlin wall
throwing up blood and alcohol
lost an engine but i found myself in a whack shack in arkansas
the suits came knocking, said they represent
some fat cat -sshole seeking settlement
for defacing an american dream his -aaa-dvertisment
another time, murder on my mind
a cold shiver runs down my spine
i can trace it all back the these feelings i confine

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