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lirik lagu the brunt – ambrosia

leaping quick on leopard’s back
i face the brunt of his attack
in the land of nod, i’m king
until the alarm clock rings

stepping out from safety’s door
i hear the rushing traffic roar
smiling to myself i say
“hooray, it’s a brand new day”

slashing my way through vine
i’ll kill if i have to, i’ll be there on time
clawed through the freeway jam
i curse at the guy who p-ssed me last time ’round

in my office settled back
drink a cup of coffee
stretch my mind and try’n erase
the thought of the day to face

life is like the leopard’s den
and once you find you’ve fallen in
a safari of the heart
surely comes to an end

madness is our d-mnation
strange is the situation we’re all in
to one man it matters nothing
others it shatters something, no one wins

i could not see it myself
(though i’d read about it)
i could not hear it myself
(though i’d heard about it)
i could not feel it myself
(though i knew that it was real)

i could not hear it myself
(don’t you lie about it)
i could not feel it myself
(but don’t you cry about it)

for there’s an animal in us all
the brunt of which you’ll see

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