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lirik lagu the creation of be-lou (the tragic kingdom… – steel attack


u are be-lou, the last one
the last one with the power
the power to break all evil
but you just don’t know it yet
let the demon show you the way
the right way to justify,
the right way to justify,
the right way to justify…mankind…

to the survivors of mankind
that’s rotten to the core
the evil one with the twisted mind
has not yet been born
so you stay in your misery
with your powers so unknown

you’re inside an evil trap
with a power to set free
and the demon in your lap
he will make you see
with burning eyes like fire
and harmony inside
be-lou stands stronger and higher
into glory he will ride

release the force
the demon leads you
into the source
the goods will feed you

to the survivors of mankind…
be-lou, be-lou
you are the one
be-lou, be-lou
almighty dwengil’s son
hero, hero
please your father
hero, hero
through fire and water

he stands on the highest mountain
ready for the fight
the blood boiling in his veins
something was not right
with magic full of wonder
with lots of hope and fear
tragedy pulls him under
with a body to repair

release the f orce…

be-lou, be-lou…

beware of be-lou he will rise again this time completed and full of revenge…