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lirik lagu the cure – snoop dogg

“the cure”

big snoop dogg
occupation real
conversation skill show you how to make a mill’
pimpin’ cath me on tour
i headline the bill with beatufil b-tches,
i done been to brazil
n-gg-, aks fo’ real, my pockets is filled
big money i’m the boss of my gangsta feel
they say they got the cure, i ain’t takin the pill
i’m a stillkeep the gangsta after fifteen years
ya digg

cant give it up gettin money the way that i live
the king of the west coast i’m runnin this sh-t
big snoop dogg n-gg- you know what it is
the forty calli screw yo face like you f-ckin with this

no cure for the cash n-gg- my pockets big
kush weed is the best, so why would i quit
high flyin in the ??
i drop em down pick em up yes i am the pimp

what you thought, doggystyle all up in yo b-tch
if theres a cure for getttin money theres the opposite
never give it up, man i love this sh-t
blunt after blunt, hit after hit
six fo low ridin with the candy kidden
if theres a cure fo beein gangsta i dont want this sh-t.

a mother fo the sunrise sposed to hit the block
lil bad mothaf-cka pull the pockets pull the rocks
learned to throw them thangs

let me tell you why they call me snoop doggy dogg
i got a lot of b-tches plus this n-gg- stay sharp
now follow me, as i creep through the fog
is secure for this sh-t you better keep it out of dodge

before i put you in some sh-t
you really got to swap, then call the hustle boys,
to get you mothaf-ckas robbed

is five in the mornin’
i climb in my zone, i’m from the lbc,
where the climate is cold
and i know you player hatas got your eyes on my dope,
cause i spit that real sh-t,
in your ear you can ??
spend summers on the beach
hidden gears on the boat
fifty g’s all in twennys keep the duffel bag closed

what you call heat
eat a n-gg-‘ho
fo you chain sn-tchion n-gg-s tryna size up my gold
its the problem, i dont need no antidote
no cure n-gg-, i let the wound heal slow
i gotta keep it gangsta makin moves on the road
tour bus full of weed smoke, b-tches n’ hoes
i’ve been doin this fo years
n-gg- thats how it goes

is the big boss dogg i’m the truth untold
west coast camping no mean to brag the boss
the benz or the porche, i done have them both
lil snoop count my money cut my fingers its mo
its the celebration, grab yo gl-ss n’ toast

west coast!

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