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lirik lagu the destroyed pages – equinoxem

i wanted to make a perfect world.
i tried to be a loved one.
once i built illusions
in an unreal place.
i wasted my time
trusting in wrong ones.

always we want peace and love
in a world of wars and pain.

the life’s book has a dark chapter
about hypocrisy and love.

the yellow pages of experience
are wisdom for you
and these sad words
will be your sword.

destroyed pages of fellowship
and confused trust.
n-body can be saved,
unless (they) want to be saved.

the dark side of my loved ones
a shadow in my mind,
an unpredictable song
with anger notes
and sorrow chords.

maybe i need to stay alone
one more time before the dawn.

maybe i will stay alone
always after the storm.

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