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lirik lagu the devil waits – eugenic death

stalking the alley
there`s no chance to fight
blood of the innocent satan”s delight
you`re screaming for mercy
begging for life, as i rip through your skin there`s
blood on my knife.
you pray to your god, he`s no where in sight just
shadows of demons
standing in the light.
your body is lifeless now you must rest, blood of a
virgin girl the devil
`s request.

no escape
no escape
the devil waits

nothing by accident life has a plan.
watching your everymove your life in my hand.
you were so beautiful you had to die, instructed by
satan angel of light.
the fall of lucifer he shall be avenged.
death of god`s creation, your blood will make amends.
once i am through i`ll watch your body fall, inverted
pentagam the devil`s
mark drawn on your wall.

no escape
no escape
the devil waits

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