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lirik lagu the dissonance – after the tragedy

they crash the gate too late to stop our rite
we hold our breath and wait as stars align
how can they call us wrong?
how do we take this?
opposing all we know is truly right
they have the nerve to taint this holy night
how do they trust the light?
how do we show them?

with faith we’ll burn the liars
this place was always ours
reform, return the hour
the candle, it holds the power

we’re the owners of this land
we’ve laid our roads
you’d never understand where we’ve come form
we’ve earned this through penance
we speak in penitence

with faith we’ll take the chosen
this place will lead the lost to
realize the candle holds
the light, the power grows

we were called to this land from across the sea
here we’ve made our home

now you’ve come to our village with blunts and blades to fight
turn your back and get out now or death will claim the night

turn back or
blood will spill

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