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lirik lagu the drift – matt reed

yeah lost my thoughts again
there’s madness in the house so i sit in my car again
my girl -ssume cheating i never sweat her like cardigans
i guess f-ck her good she don’t wanna part from him
she gave her heart to him and i got her soul now
but the fame is comin and so are the shows it’s sold out no doubt i can’t be stagnant i gotta be active
i can’t give you the world just let me make it happen
please do a way with those -ssumptations
ask me who i’m f-ckin cause thats energy wasted on things that yield nothin
i don’t be clubbin i just chill and record
like how was london i can’t see her no more
and that’s when camila do the predictable and tweet i’m a deadbeat
cause her life is miserable so she tryin to dead me
along with the three other n-gg-s caught in the web spree
the devils pokin fun at me to see where my head be it’s that deep

i’m drift in away from here
all that you say i hear
no i believed in you
some days are great for me you say that you wait for me
no i believed in you

hard to stay positive
keep it still reserve like my prerogatives
things wayin heavy on my cognitive
is obvious
seem things get peroctive when you workin like pac and sh-t it’s hot in here
look at my relatives
shooting them all while i develop the negatives
like a photo op
ik n-gg-s who got destroyed by the photoshop
focus on the bigger picture not the photo crop
typical the view perphricial
all i see is n-gg-s tryin to flip like reciprocal
gettin caught up shoulda thoughta some smarter
like investin at the top of your game
and get lock and get locked and get locked up again
they tried to put me in a box they won’t do that again
i knew they was trippin when they said i was lame
but that’s a part of the game when you stay in your lane reed

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