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lirik lagu the emperors new beat – outlandish

did she played? (?)
come que ya come (?)
quieres? quieres?
she was dying ‘cuz all the radios playing the same song
we’re loading the same gun
one day a producer walked by,
promised the only vibe, that track on fire
only the chosen ones can hear it,
the real ones can feel it,
the strong hit ‘em, talking gushed
that last longer that a buble gum
she buried(?); the whole city was in need (of?) it
so yeah she once said: “forget about hot …(?) platinum and gold”
she gave him all that money so he could hit the dawn(?)
he …(?) even working every day,
producing the tracks and every time he’d say:
“i’m makin real hot [x2]
this is the real sh-t
i’m makin real hot.”
sounded like everything else, she couldn’t feel squad(?)
she can’t go back this is all she got
time flew by, don’t ask why,
thinking, imagine if i’m not that fly(?),

not that real, not that stream(?)
gotta keep cool, let ‘em think i’m that deep(?)
on the day that the track was done
she couldn’t hear a thing and her heart was numb
he was a hustler and he made(?) her confront(?)
the inner war is pump(?)
she felt in love with it and she took it to the world,
boys and girls, ceos, radios
lookin, lookin here(?) and the hot(?) was wow but then a little boy get up & said: “yo!
it ain’t real hot [x2]
this ain’t real sh-t
it ain’t real hot
sounds like everything else, i can’t feel squat
do u feel squat? [x2]”
sounds like everything else, we can’t feel squat [x2]
she can’t go back, this is all she got [x2]
the emperor got a brand new beat [x2]
sounds like everything else, we can’t feel squat
…the emperor got a brand new beat [x2]

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